Business Model Innovation
Jun 27th 2019

Business Model Innovation (BMI) is crucial to accelerate value creation. It isn’t simply creating new products. BMI is anything that makes the business successful, from new ways to promote and package, to efficiencies in production and distribution, and beyond!

This on-demand webinar explores how to define BMI specifically enough to lead to an actionable plan for your organization. It also reviews real world examples from Ocean Spray, KMG Chemicals and more to bring BMI elements to life.

Business Model Elements

Watch this IRI Brown Bag Webinar for an exploration of how BMI can help your organization thrive. Plus, get practical tools, including a Basic BMI Checklist, to help you get started today!

Matthew Wagner
Senior Analyst, Lux Research
Mathew specializes in identifying, evaluating and developing new business opportunities and breakthrough innovation for Lux Research.

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