Scanning the Intelligent Systems Landscape
Jun 27th 2019

The landscape of intelligent systems is changing rapidly. Hundreds of new AI startups have emerged, the AI talent war is red hot and the transformational potential of intelligent systems has risen within the collective consciousness of executives everywhere.

This SPRING Learning Module builds off the orienting framework module to help you systematically explore the intelligent systems landscape. It contains a curated set of resources you can use to scan the intelligent-systems landscape, looking for signals, emerging trends, key drivers and potential barriers impacting the future of intelligent systems.

If you haven’t completed the Intelligent Systems Intro Learning Module, we strongly recommend doing so before diving into this module.

Sourcing Predictive Insights for New Growth (SPRING) explores trends impacting innovation management. Each SPRING learning module provides different perspectives and foundational knowledge you can leverage to drive innovation.

SPRING also has an annual conference about Digital Futures in October. This year’s conference was designed in partnership with Case Western Reserve University to help legacy organizations undergo successful digital transformation.

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